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Consultation & Facial


At Hand & Hollow I believe that knowledge is key to understanding why your skin is responding the way that it is and how to properly address your skin concerns with a full body wellness approach. Almost all skin concerns and skin conditions are caused by internal factors that cannot be fixed by topical skincare products alone.

During your first visit, we perform an in-depth consultation, skin analysis and 60min customized facial to create a personalized treatment plan that successfully addresses your skin concerns and maintains the long-term health of your skin. Here are some of the following topics that we will discuss:

  • Skin treatment history

  • Health history & conditions

  • Skin concerns & conditions 

  • Skincare goals

  • Current homecare regimen

  • Lifestyle

  • Stress management

  • Diet & food allergies

  • Medications that could be contributing to your concerns

  • Vitamins & supplements that are helpful and harmful

When booking online you will be prompted to fill out any necessary forms. Please set aside time to fill them out thoroughly. You will be asked to bring your current homecare products with you to your first appointment. Expect to spend anywhere from $200 - $400 on a complete homecare regimen as part of your treatment plan.

ninety minutes / $199

receive 10% off your first product purchase

New Clients
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